Alternatives to Standard Glass Shower Doors

My master bathroom is in need of a major overhaul. The previous owners did a nice job of updating to sell. They put new, neutral, tile in the shower, updated the hardware, faucets and light fixture and painted the oak vanity white. Despite these updates, the bathroom still doesn't function the way I would like it to. 

For starters, there is only one sink. The garden tub is cumbersome to get in and out of when showering and it is too deep to keep the water properly hot for bathing. Although it is not in the budget right now, my vision is to convert the tub to a walk in shower and replace the single vanity with a double.

This got me to thinking about how to close the shower in. My bathroom does not have a window to allow in natural light. Therefore, I would be hesitant to wall the shower in and merely have a small glass shower door. My preference would be to have a wall of glass closing in the shower. Then my designer brain got thinking about what other options there are to the standard glass shower door and whether any of these would work in my space. Here are some altneratives I found.

1. Japanese shoji screens. I like how the slats break up the glass. The large frame gives it visual weight and still lets light in.

Southern Living

2. French door style. It creates the idea of a window to the outside. Gives the subway shower a classy look.

3. No door. I like the idea of enclosing half the shower with a wall outfitted with glass on the top half for privacy and ventilation.

I love the no door walk in shower idea, but have never seen it with the glass wall window. I like that so it lets light in! Bathroom remodel by eloise
Elan Interiors

4. Barn door style. I have always been partial to barn doors so this barn style shower door is very intriguing.

Elegant Stainless Barn Style SLIDING GLASS SHOWER DOOR HARDWARE - modern - interior doors - hong kong - Jieyu Industrail Hardware Co.,Ltd

5. Frosted patterned glass. A very modern take on a glass shower door but, the pattern provides both privacy and a real style boost.


When the time comes to renovate my bathroom I will definitely be considering one of these gorgeous options. Standard glass shower enclosures are beautiful but these options take it to the next level. Should you have a bathroom remodel in your future take a look around to see if there are new products which stray outside the general design choices. Adding something different makes the space uniquely yours.


  1. Those stylish alternatives for plain bathroom glass doors are immaculate. They have different unique styles, and it seems that they will be a grea addition to any kind of bathroom. Well, my favorite would have to be the Japanese shoji screens, since the door is sliding and it wouldn't consume a lot of space if you open it. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Dawn! All the best to you!

    Lynn Hollaran @ Suburban Glass

  2. My parents have a walk-in shower which doesn't have a door at all -- it has two offset floor-to-ceiling glass panels which mean that the shower spray is trapped by one or other of them. But you need quite a deep shower area to make that work, though, since you are basically doubling the depth.

    Doug Lowe @ M & M Glass

  3. Some of these ideas are truly spectacular. I particularly like the sliding doors. You just wouldn't expect to see something like that in a bathroom. It's very modern and elegant. I also like the "no door" approach. Again this is very novel and not something I would have thought of. I'm going to be re-fitting my bathroom soon, so I may use that idea.

    Eric @ Ocean Bath And More

  4. Thanks Eric. Bathrooms are the one room that are more difficult to insert your personal style. I am always on the lookout for unique ideas.

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