Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Take Charge

The Comforts of Home

Technology is a wonderful thing. Cell phones and tablets allow us to communicate, take photos and entertain ourselves with one friendly device. However, when all members of your family, or you, have more than one device, charging cords can begin to take over your life.

There are some very clever storage ideas that allow you to stay organized and look good in the process. Whether you prefer to do it yourself, or buy one already made, there is a charging station to suit your needs. Click on the sourcing links for tutorials or purchasing information.

This DIY charging station looks like an decorative box when closed. But, when opened there is ample space for charging multiple devices (and under cover).


Martha Stewart

A ready made desk organizer can easily be converted to a organized charging station. The drawers allow for additional storage and the vertical cubbies are the perfect spot for your devices.

DIY charging station valet

Paperie Boutique

Want to keep your devices in the kitchen? Why not camouflage them by using a bread box. Choose a wooden one and cut a hole in the back for the cords. Insert a power strip and you have a charging station that keeps everything under wraps.


Joyful Homemaking

Need a little more charging room? Try using a letter organizer like this. Drill holes for the cords and place a power strip in the back. Creates plenty of charging room and looks great too.

Charging 123
Driven by Decor

Have trouble finding your phone on the way out the door? Make one of these great charging stations and hang where convenient. It not only keeps the cords tidy but adds a pop of color too.

Hanging phone charging station sewing pattern and tutorial. This is such a great idea to keep a phone safe and cords contained!
Positively Splendid

Not a DIY'er? There are plenty of ready made versions for you to try.  I am particularly fond of the wall mounted one.

Organize It All Cardinal Recharge Station

Shoebox Dwelling

MMF Industries™ Soho Collection™ Docking Station, Black, 4 Compartments

Take control of those cords. You will be able to find your phone or tablet when you need it with and make it look great too. Whether you make your own or buy one, you will take control over the cord chaos. 

Happy Decorating!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Work Space Dilemma REVEAL

Belle Maison Interiors

I have been in the process of carving out a workspace for myself in my bedroom. I know, it is not the ideal place for a workspace but, in our home, it is my only option right now. So I set out to make a comfortable workspace where I can write this blog, work on my client's projects and do the inevitable bookkeeping. Although space, as you can see in the photo above, is limited I was determined to make the most of it. Well, now it is complete and I sit here writing this very blog.

Here is the result. Drumroll, please . . . . 

Belle Maison Interiors

Belle Maison Interiors

Belle Maison Interiors

Belle Maison Interiors

Belle Maison Interiors

Belle Maison Interiors

Now I have a space all my own. I absolutely love it! the colors are soothing and coordinate with my bedroom (which is the next update on my list.)  The bulletin board is the perfect space to hang inspiration and design project materials. The artwork is simply scrapbook paper framed in inexpensive frames. A condiment bowl serves a paperclip storage and a bin stores my magazines and notebooks.

Like the reveal? Let us know by adding a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Now what to write about next . . . Check back to find out.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Moroccan Flair


Moroccan inspired decor is a popular trend right now. It is popping up in everything from rugs to home accessories to draperies. I love this trend, as it allows for a little bohemian flair without going over the top. This style is unique in that it adds both sophistication and drama. Here are some of my favorites.

Add some flair underfoot with an understated quatrefoil patterned rug. Choose a neutral color for some pattern or go bold with one in orange or blue.

Home Depot

This table with its octagon shape and delicate details give it a moroccan flavor. It would look great as a nightstand or next to a sofa or chair.

A moroccan pattern, coupled with a timeless material like marble, is an easy way to get in on the trend without worrying it will go out of style. This would be beautiful in a bathroom or as a kitchen backsplash.

The simple shape and copper finish of this pendant light invoke a moroccan feel. Hang it alone over a dining table for a real statement.

Hammered Copper Hanging Pendant Lamp | World Market
World Market
Bring the flavor of morocco into your bathroom with a beautiful patterned shower curtain. The blue and white pattern are subtle and elegant.

Threshold™ Home Grid Shower Curtain

Don't fear getting in on design trends. If you choose wisely "trends" like these will never go out of style.

Happy Decorating!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Make it Last

...looks like a couple of glass ornaments in bronze and baby blue...

At Home in Arkansas

Holiday decorating is wonderful, but exhausting at the same time. Not only are some decorations expensive, but it is not so fun when it is time to put them away. However, did you know that many holiday decorations don't have to be put away when the season is done? If you choose wisely, you can leave many decorations out all year with a little clever reuse. Try some of these ideas on for size.

1. Christmas Lights. Not only are they a pain to put up, but they are an even bigger pain to put away. Decorate your backyard trees with white lights and leave them up to be enjoyed all year. They look beautiful on a summer night.

Trees with white lights for a summertime party - a magical summer night!


2. Figurines. Gold, white or silver decorations can make an easy transition throughout the seasons. Place them on tables, nestled on bookcases or displayed on shelves. Choose items that do not have glitter and preferably ones with simple lines. Once all your other holiday items are removed they will just look like stylish additions to your space.

A White Carousel

3. Candles. Replace those glittery candles with glass vases, votives and cranberries. When the holidays are done, swap out the cranberries for other seasonal decor to make this decoration last throughout the year.


3. Christmas Ornaments. When you are ready to take them down from the tree use them for display in a glass bowl, on a mantle or in a glass jar. If you choose non-traditional colors you can extend their use year round.

diy beach summer mantle- The balls are painted christmas ornaments wrapped in twine. Our local Dollar Tree carries the lighthouse cutout. The Pylons are pool noodles wrapped  with wood print contact paper!

Make putting away your holiday decorations much easier by reusing them. Choosing decor which is neutral and has simple lines will make their transition from season to season a breeze. Maybe you will finally splurge on that holiday item you have been wanting!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Deck the Halls

Christmas Outdoor Decor


The holidays are full of decorating and decking the halls. In our house, the merriment begins Thanksgiving weekend when we cut down our tree and begin decorating the house both inside and out. As much as I adore decorating the inside of our house, decorating the outside is equally important. Sharing the joy of the season with our guests and neighbors is all part of the fun to me. These are some of my favorite decked out homes for the holiday season.

Simple but beautiful. Wood letters, ice skates, a simple wreath and a basket filled with pine cuttings, mittens and a plaid scarf say holidays in a cozy way.

Outside JOY sign. Removable wreath so the sign is usable year after year!
Fynes Designs

Mercury hanging ornaments, lanterns scattered about, twig trees and swag, meld traditional and rustic decorating perfectly. My favorite is the door ornament made with pewter pitchers strung from a ribbon.

Natural Style Christmas Front Door Decorations Ideas With Popular Design And Artistic Touch To Get Best Exterior / Front Door Decorations | ...


Fill empty planters with tree trimmings, branches, pinecones and ornaments for an easy festive display. Add string lights to highlight it at night.

Front Entryway Holiday Urn

Setting for Four

Glass vases filled with "snow", cranberries and votives are an inviting way to herald in your guests. Boughs of greenery add texture and color.

Cranberry Luminarias


I cannot wait to begin decorating for the holidays. Natural elements, pine wreaths, greenery and everyday items can make for an amazing display. Try out some new festive displays. They may just become a new tradition.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Work Space Dilemma

I have a problem. Space in my home is tight, and limited. Despite this, I still need a place to work. Both for my design business, and this blog. So, what to do? My husband has his office in the basement which leaves me the kitchen counter as my office space. Although I have worked at the counter for well over a year, it just isn't cutting it. For one, my husband walks around the house talking on the phone which I find very distracting. Another, is that I have no place to store my paperwork and the like. What is a girl to do?

Put my office in the only space available, the bedroom. Although I am generally not one for placing your workspace in the space you relax at the end of the day, if it is the only space available one needs to compromise. So the bedroom it is.  Here are a few glimpses of the beginning of my project.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Check back with me to see the finished product. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have a real workspace to call my own.  Who knows, maybe it will provide me with inspiration for some really creative material.

Here's to hoping!

Monday, November 17, 2014

It's All in the Details

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

In interior design, it is the details that make all the difference. A unique backsplash in a kitchen, a gorgeous chandelier in the hall or interesting wallpaper bring that "wow" factor. In this room the glass backsplash gives this kitchen presence and allows the stainless steel hood to shine. Beautiful bronze and glass pendant lights add just the right amount of glamour to this space.

A modern crystal chandelier adds some sparkle to a dining area or in an entryway. The chrome finish plays well against the hanging crystals. 

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Turn an ordinary closet into something extraordinary. Stack unfinished wine shelves to create a wine closet. Replace the door with one that has a glass panel. Hide an unsightly support post by cladding it in stone and wrapping the beam with wood. What was an ordinary closet  is now a beautiful wine room and an unsightly beam becomes a feature. Clever details make all the difference.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Add a fireplace. Clad a wall in floor to ceiling stacked stone and insert a ventless fireplace. Not only will it add warmth to the space, but it creates a feature wall. The ethanol burning insert means that can you place it anywhere in the room without worrying about how to vent it.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Add an accent color that brings some "pop." This teal blue jumps off the neutral gray wall and creates interest. Well designed spaces have pops of color to keep things interesting and unique.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Hang some art. There is nothing like a blank wall to make a room look blah. No need to add pricey art when you can create beautiful wall art with everyday items like family photos, scrapbook paper or wrapping paper. Here a dishtowel is displayed in an inexpensive ready made frame. Whether hung on the wall or propped on a shelf or table, art makes a room more interesting. Gallery walls or one large piece of art make a space unique and brings color onto the walls.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

It may not be necessary to redecorate your space. Sometimes all that is needed is a few simple details to create an entirely different look. Colorful accent pillows, a new rug, a statement light fixture or art on the walls are easy ways to add color and interest to a space. Details really do make a difference. Look around your space and see where you can add details to make your space pop.

Happy decorating!

Friday, November 14, 2014

guest bedroom

Home for the Holidays

It is that time of year again. Time for family and friends to come to stay and celebrate the holidays. When guests stay at our house, I want to make them feel at home and not a burden. I like to bring a touch of the holidays into their space and give them a mini-home away from home. Adding a few simple touches can make all the difference for your guests.

Cozy bedding that reflects the season creates a comfortable space for your guests that is warm and inviting. Even just adding a holiday themed accent pillow or a throw reminiscent of the season will do the trick.

Blake Plaid Duvet Cover Sham | Pottery Barn
Pottery Barn

Add some simple holiday decor to their space to make a festive retreat. Flowers in colors of red and white, lights or other simple decor can make the holidays come alive in their space.

simple winter decor

Julie Blanner

Leave little sundries, books, toiletries, extra blankets or towels in their room so your guests do not feel like they have to ask. A well stocked room gives your guests the chance to relax and recharge after a busy day.

Darling Doodles

Create a space that welcomes your guests and gets them into the holiday spirit. Being away from home for the holidays can be difficult, make it a little easier on your guests with a few thoughtful touches and make the experience better for all involved.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

All About Glam

Modern Glamorous Bedroom Furniture Remodeling
Home Envy

All About Glam

Glamour is coming back in home decor. Silver and gold accents are cropping up all over the place. These accents add shine and sparkle, and can add punch to a neutral space. Gorgeous accents in chrome, nickle, pewter, gold and mirror can be added to any space to add style and sophistication.

The trick with accents like these is using them sparingly. Too many and the room begins to look gaudy. But, used in moderation they can be real stunners. Take the room above; accents of silver, pewter and mirror bring pop to the otherwise uniform space. The mirror next to the bed reflects light from the silver sconces and chandelier. The pewter shimmery drapes and floor lamp add dimension and texture. Without them the room would not be as interesting.

I have compiled a few of my favorites from around the web. Links to these items can be found by clicking on the sourcing information.

The shiny silver base of this lamp pairs well with the off white linen shade. The shape of the base allows this lamp to work in both traditional as well as modern design.

you are here. Target home home d├ęcor lamps & lighting table lamps Safavieh Icott Mercury Glass Table Lamp - White/Silver Product View zoom in. mouse over image to zoom in. sale price$149.99 72 Hour Sale - Extra 10% Offfree shipping on all items- happy holidays!view detailsfor special offers Average of 0.0 out of 5 stars from 0 reviews - read reviews (0) no ratings write a review quantity:  - decrease quantity+ increase quantity add product essentials Target 2-Year Replacement Plan (covers ...

Simple lines and gold gilding make this mirror perfect in an entryway, bedroom or bathroom. It exudes understated style and elegance.

Franklin Aged Gold Decorative Arched And Crowned Mirror Surya Rugs Arched & Crowned Mirror

Add interest to a bookcase or shelves with decorative gold boxes. They draw the eye and can be stacked or used alone. 

Put some glam underfoot with an area rug that has some sheen. This rug has a subtle shine that adds texture and style.

Hand-Tufted Contemporary Geometric Pattern Grey/ Silver Rug (5?x8?) - Overstock™ Shopping - Great Deals on 5x8 - 6x9 Rugs

This pendant's burnished gold finish paired with crystals would be the perfect compliment to a traditional or transitional kitchen. Although it is on trend in design its elegant profile ensures it has staying power.

Jeweled Golden Bronze Mini Pendant Light

Lamps Plus

Adding some glam to your home can lead to amazing results. Bring in small doses of golds and silvers to add light and shine. Living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens can all benefit from a dose of glamour. Turn blah into beautiful with a few shimmering accents.

Go glam.