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Technology is a wonderful thing. Cell phones and tablets allow us to communicate, take photos and entertain ourselves with one friendly device. However, when all members of your family, or you, have more than one device, charging cords can begin to take over your life.

There are some very clever storage ideas that allow you to stay organized and look good in the process. Whether you prefer to do it yourself, or buy one already made, there is a charging station to suit your needs. Click on the sourcing links for tutorials or purchasing information.

This DIY charging station looks like an decorative box when closed. But, when opened there is ample space for charging multiple devices (and under cover).


Martha Stewart

A ready made desk organizer can easily be converted to a organized charging station. The drawers allow for additional storage and the vertical cubbies are the perfect spot for your devices.

DIY charging station valet

Paperie Boutique

Want to keep your devices in the kitchen? Why not camouflage them by using a bread box. Choose a wooden one and cut a hole in the back for the cords. Insert a power strip and you have a charging station that keeps everything under wraps.


Joyful Homemaking

Need a little more charging room? Try using a letter organizer like this. Drill holes for the cords and place a power strip in the back. Creates plenty of charging room and looks great too.

Charging 123
Driven by Decor

Have trouble finding your phone on the way out the door? Make one of these great charging stations and hang where convenient. It not only keeps the cords tidy but adds a pop of color too.

Hanging phone charging station sewing pattern and tutorial. This is such a great idea to keep a phone safe and cords contained!
Positively Splendid

Not a DIY'er? There are plenty of ready made versions for you to try.  I am particularly fond of the wall mounted one.

Organize It All Cardinal Recharge Station

Shoebox Dwelling

MMF Industries™ Soho Collection™ Docking Station, Black, 4 Compartments

Take control of those cords. You will be able to find your phone or tablet when you need it with and make it look great too. Whether you make your own or buy one, you will take control over the cord chaos. 

Happy Decorating!


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