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...looks like a couple of glass ornaments in bronze and baby blue...

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Holiday decorating is wonderful, but exhausting at the same time. Not only are some decorations expensive, but it is not so fun when it is time to put them away. However, did you know that many holiday decorations don't have to be put away when the season is done? If you choose wisely, you can leave many decorations out all year with a little clever reuse. Try some of these ideas on for size.

1. Christmas Lights. Not only are they a pain to put up, but they are an even bigger pain to put away. Decorate your backyard trees with white lights and leave them up to be enjoyed all year. They look beautiful on a summer night.

Trees with white lights for a summertime party - a magical summer night!


2. Figurines. Gold, white or silver decorations can make an easy transition throughout the seasons. Place them on tables, nestled on bookcases or displayed on shelves. Choose items that do not have glitter and preferably ones with simple lines. Once all your other holiday items are removed they will just look like stylish additions to your space.

A White Carousel

3. Candles. Replace those glittery candles with glass vases, votives and cranberries. When the holidays are done, swap out the cranberries for other seasonal decor to make this decoration last throughout the year.


3. Christmas Ornaments. When you are ready to take them down from the tree use them for display in a glass bowl, on a mantle or in a glass jar. If you choose non-traditional colors you can extend their use year round.

diy beach summer mantle- The balls are painted christmas ornaments wrapped in twine. Our local Dollar Tree carries the lighthouse cutout. The Pylons are pool noodles wrapped  with wood print contact paper!

Make putting away your holiday decorations much easier by reusing them. Choosing decor which is neutral and has simple lines will make their transition from season to season a breeze. Maybe you will finally splurge on that holiday item you have been wanting!

Happy Holidays!


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