Work Space Dilemma

I have a problem. Space in my home is tight, and limited. Despite this, I still need a place to work. Both for my design business, and this blog. So, what to do? My husband has his office in the basement which leaves me the kitchen counter as my office space. Although I have worked at the counter for well over a year, it just isn't cutting it. For one, my husband walks around the house talking on the phone which I find very distracting. Another, is that I have no place to store my paperwork and the like. What is a girl to do?

Put my office in the only space available, the bedroom. Although I am generally not one for placing your workspace in the space you relax at the end of the day, if it is the only space available one needs to compromise. So the bedroom it is.  Here are a few glimpses of the beginning of my project.

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Belle Maison Interiors LLC

Check back with me to see the finished product. I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally have a real workspace to call my own.  Who knows, maybe it will provide me with inspiration for some really creative material.

Here's to hoping!


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