Count the Days

2015 is fast approaching. Time for cleaning house, organizing and making New Year's resolutions. I, for one, intend to get more organized this year. Although, truth be told, I say this every year. I truly do start out each new year with the intent of doing away with all the clutter that clogs up my house and find a better organizing system.

I don't know about you but, one of my biggest organizing challenges is organizing our household schedule. As with most families, we are over scheduled. Softball, basketball, art, language school, cub scouts, dentist and doctor appointments become an insane mis mash of places to be and go. A master calendar is a must in our house. I use a dry erase board calendar with different colored markers for each person in the family so I can know who needs to be where and when. I also use a separate dry erase board for random activities that pop up each week so they don't get lost in the shuffle. While both are functional, I must admit they are not very pretty or appealing. For once, I would like to be able to use a calendar that adds some style to my home. Here are some I adore.

Not only does this calendar keep you up to date, it also can be used as gift wrap once the month is complete.

Brit + Co

This calendar features a different adorable bird every month. I love the simplicity and colors of its design.

Jolie Jolie Design

Now this is a calendar that may be big enough for me to use. The 24 x 19 size can be used on a desk or on the wall. The craft paper background works well with the bold colors. The note section on the side is an added plus.


Customize your calendar with these beautiful calendar cards. Send 12 photos and they will create your personalized set. Choose from either a gold tone or wood grain stand to display them.

2015 Custom Photo Desk Calendar

Touies Design

Like to mix things up? Try this calendar that lets you display it in multiple ways. In the stand, accordion style or like a cube.

Paper Source

Keep track of time and add style with these gorgeous calendar blocks. Create your own design with these colorful beauties.


I realize that many of these are not practical for my organizing needs but they sure are pretty. Maybe one day I will be able to choose form over function. Or maybe I will forego function for once and choose one of these.


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