Holiday Greetings

Don't want to send holiday cards this year? Here are ten good reasons why you should.

Each day I go to my mailbox and find new holiday cards from family and friends. I always like to see what cards people have chosen. Photo cards are in vogue these days, and I have sent them myself. It is great that I can keep my family and friends up to date on our family's comings and goings over the past year. However, as the years go by it seems like the traditional holiday card is disappearing from view. Although photo cards are great, not everyone wants to undergo the sometimes arduous task of putting a photo card together. Traditional holiday cards may not give a glimpse into your life but they can be like receiving a present in the mail when a beautiful card arrives. 

The past two years we have opted to make cards from my daughter's artwork. She is 10 and truly talented. I cannot wait to see what she does with this as she gets older. Here is this years' card. I am a very proud mama. I uploaded her artwork to and created a folded 5x7 card on quality paper. There are many other great sites that allow you to do the same and I would recommend it as they really look amazing.

Home Chic Home

If you don't have any art to upload but still want something other than a photo card, try one of these cards on for size.

Keep your card holiday neutral like this one. The bold colors invoke a jolly and joyful feeling.

Paper Source

Go for cute. I love snowman, as you can see from our holiday card. These made from buttons are adorable.

Handmade Button Snowman Price $19.95


If you celebrate Christmas and want something more traditional these invoke the feeling of Christmas in a festive way.

Merry Christmas Boxed Greeting Cards

Standout with die-cut cards in three dimension. There are some really beautiful ones to choose from. The wood textured back on this card just adds to the overall appeal.

Reindeer Wreath Boxed Cards

Don't have time to write out all those cards? Or, you would rather spend your money on gifts instead of cards? Try They have many free designs that can be emailed to whomever you choose. For an upgrade, you can have it delivered via email in an envelope that the recipient can open, or you can buy them and have them mailed the old fashioned way.

Paperless Post

If you would rather wait until after the the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, there are some amazing New Year cards that will do the trick.

Turquoise Year -
Simply to Impress

Whether you prefer homemade, traditional or something unique I hope I have inspired you to send out greetings of the season. Someone may be waiting at their mailbox for your holiday cheer!

Happy Holidays!


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