5 Ways to Overcome Clutter and Bring Order into your Life

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Organization. For some, this word in itself can cause stress but, in reality, being organized can reduce your stress significantly. Organization is more than just making everything look just "so", it is actually a life skill that everyone (myself included) should master. When you know where things are it makes life so much easier. To know where things are, it is important to have a place for everything and make sure it gets back to that place. In an effort to get you started, I have put together five areas where most people struggle to get organized in their home and how to tackle them.

1. Make your bed. Almost all organizing experts agree that making your bed everyday will help kick start your desire to get, and stay, organized. There is just something about having a  well made bed that starts and ends your day off right. If you struggle to complete this task make it easy by keeping your linens simple. Pull the comforter up and straighten it, fluff and smooth pillows and your done. Getting rid of extra pillows and blankets will help make this task much easier. It will also spur you to tackle the next area.

2. Organize your closets. This can be a daunting task however, once complete it will make getting ready every day significantly easier. Donate any clothes that don't fit or you haven't worn in a year. You are unlikely to wear them anyway and it will make getting and staying organized much easier. After that sort clothes by season. Store off season clothing up high or in another area. Hang items that wrinkle easily and fold sweaters or items that stretch if hung. Sort clothes by color so it is easy to find what you are looking for. Also, sorting items by type (shirts, pants, skirts, dresses) will make it simple to create outfits. Organize shoes in the same manner and make them easy to see. Do the same for purses and accessories. And obey the cardinal rule; if something comes in then something must go out. This keeps you from overstuffing your closet.

3.  Pick up clutter daily. The easiest way to keep clutter at bay is to keep a bag or basket for each floor (or if you would rather for each room and/or person). Make a quick sweep at the end of the day and put all items that belong somewhere else in the basket and then put them away (if you have one for each person insist they do the same). You will not only keep your home clutter free but it is much easier to get things back where they belong if you only have a few at a time to do.

4.  Organize your pantry or cabinets. Throw away expired spices and food. Use shelves made for pantries to make the most of the space you have. Use small baskets or bins to corral small items. If you have children, put allowable snacks inside a bin in a prominent space so they are easy to find and prevent rummaging.

5. Take care of mail everyday. Bring mail in everyday. Immediately throw away all junk mail. Have a place to park and deal with mail. A bin like this one from Melanie Dramatic
that sorts mail and has a calendar to record due dates is the perfect spot to park and take care of mail. Discard magazines after reading or, if available, convert them to digital subscriptions. Organizing your mail keeps your counters clear of clutter and makes being late on a payment much less likely.

Having an organized home is easier than you think. Believe it or not, once you start you will want to keep going. It's addicting.

As the quote above illustrates, being organized isn't about perfection rather, it improves your quality of life. An organized bedroom makes it a more restful place to sleep. An organized closet makes getting out the door much easier. Having a place for everything and putting it back in that place, saves you from searching for your keys or your child's homework. Organizing your pantry saves you money because you can see what you have and can avoid buying duplicates. Staying on top of mail avoids late payments and missed appointments. 

An organized home is a happy home. I began my quest to get organized with my new entry cabinet reorganizing my bedroom closet. Now, finding what I need is a breeze. No more hunting around for coats or sweaters. Next up on my list - my pantry. 

Get inspired and start this year off right by getting your home in order. You won't regret it.

Happy organizing!


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