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Here is a no fail neutral combination: cream upholstery with exposed wood legs, woven shades, and patterned window panels. The set up is timeless and all you need to do to add a pop of color is change out the accent pillows with the seasons, add fresh flowers or a throw blanket, it works every time!
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Window treatments are a must for most households. They filter light, give privacy and help keep out heat and cold. Purchasing them however, can take a major bite out of your wallet. But, they don't have to. There are many affordable options available to take the sting out of purchasing them.

Whether you need blinds, curtains or a combination of both, there are plenty of choices that don't have to break the bank or take weeks before they arrive. Before purchasing anything, decide on your needs. Do you need to control the light or block it completely? How much privacy do you need? Do you need to keep out heat or cold? Once you know the answers to these questions you will be ready to shop.

1. Wood look blinds. Custom wood blinds can be extremely expensive. A more affordable option is "cut to fit" blinds like these from your local hardware store. Decide whether you want them mounted inside or outside. Take appropriate measurements and have them cut to fit your space. You can take them home immediately. They generally come in white or a wood finish. They are easy to install and will filter light when closed and allow light in when open. You can pair them with a valance or curtain panels to soften the look.


2. Roller Shades. Another "cut to fit" option are roller shades. Generally, these are made from vinyl or a grasscloth material. They roll up completely when you wish or can be pulled down to shade all or part of the window. These also can be mounted inside or out and cut to fit and taken home immediately. These too can be layered with curtain panels or a valance for a softer look.

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3. Bamboo. These shades are also available as a "cut to fit" option. They come in several different styles and colors and mount the same way as the wood slat shades. These look great alone or paired with curtain panels.


4. Pleated or honeycomb shades. Generally made of polyester, these fabric style shades generally come in white or cream as a ready made option. They also can be cut to fit while you shop and have a similar installation to the wood slat blinds. They also work well alone or paired with a valance or curtain panels. As an added bonus, this one is even cordless.

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5. Solar Shades. Perfect for sunrooms or rooms that get an enormous amount of light. They cut down glare and still preserve the view. Color options are usually white or chocolate. These mount the same way as roller shades and can be rolled up and out of view when not in use. These are also cut to fit while you wait and look great alone or paired with curtain panels.


6. Ready made curtain panels. Most home stores and discount stores carry a wide variety of affordable window treatments. Unless you have unusually high ceilings, ready made panels are an easy way to dress your windows for less. Grommet topped curtains are popular as they are easy to slide back and forth. Ring top curtains and rod pocket are also standard options. Rod pocket curtains can be hung either with rings or through the sewn in pocket. If you intend to close the curtains, make sure you buy enough panels so you can close them easily without gaps.

Dressing your windows does not have to break the bank or take weeks to complete. These ready made options work well in most spaces and are custom fit to your window. Achieving a designer look on a budget just got a whole lot easier with options like these.

Happy decorating.


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