Decorating with Color Made Easy

For many of my clients, choosing color is not easy. The response I generally hear is "I can't see it." This is one of the reasons, I feel, that decorating with neutrals has become a popular trend. They work well together and take little effort to pull off. However, it sometimes leaves people feeling like their space is "blah" and has no personality. 

Enter color. Whether adding pops of color throughout the space or decorating the entire room with color, it can be as simple as decorating with neutrals. To do so sucessfully, just look at photos you like for inspiration.

I have written before about an amazing tool called "Chip It" from Sherwin Williams.  It allows you to create a color strip, complete with actual paint colors to work from. You just add the tool to your computer tool bar, find an image you like, click "Chip It" and it creates a paint strip complete with all the colors of the photo and matching paint colors.

It will look like this.

Image via BHG

Once you have done this, print the image and use it to re-create the look you are going for. In this case, the walls are painted Natural Tan and the trim Extra White. Now use the other colors as guides to adding accessories. Notice what colors are used where and in what amounts. For example, the sofa is Rookwood Clay, the console Polished Mahogany and the accents (done in small doses) are Reflecting Pool and Gecko. All the remaining colors are found mostly in the ottoman.

Take this image with you when perusing your house for items that you already have in the colors you are looking for or when shopping for new accessories. Always keep in mind the balance of colors to guide you along the way.

Decorating with color can be easy with tools like these. With a little preparation you too can decorate with color confidently.


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