Give Your Design Some Age

antique dining set bhg

When I am designing a room I like to mix old and new things together. One, to give the room some personality and two, to prevent it from looking like everything just came rolling out of the back of a truck. Wiping the slate clean and starting over can yield amazing results however, giving your room some "history" makes it more beautiful and less "designed." 

What do you do however, when you don't have any items that fit the space and give it that lived in look? Simple, buy items that already have that look.

Here are some of my favorite items that give a room a "lived in" vibe.

Bosworth Printed Rug - Gray
Pottery Barn

Vintage Umbrella Holder

Distressed Ivory Ceramic Pitcher Vase | Kirklands


One of my favorite discoveries at Small Stone Buddha Head
World Market

Alsace Studio Coffee Table
Restoration Hardware

Crown Chandelier | Arhaus Furniture

Look around your space to see where you can add some vintage flair. Whether you use items you already have or buy ones that give off a "lived in" air you will be sure to add some personality and style.


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