How to incorporate a dog crate into your design

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Is your dog cramping your design style? You love your dog but you like them to be crated at night or when you are not home. The problem, that giant crate is an eye sore and using up valuable floor space.  Why not try hiding it? There are some really clever ways to get rid (or hide) that bulky crate from view. Try one of these ideas on for size.

Convert a cabinet into a dog crate. Cut out the center of the door and insert metal grates for ventilation. A much more stylish way to crate your pet.

dog crate console
D.T. Carlson Co.

Convert a kitchen cabinet to a dog crate. Add a latch and a soft bed to lie on.

dog crate under kitchen counter..maybe not in the kitchen but i like this for the house
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Utilize the space under the stairs. Convert otherwise dead space into a luxury dog crate. I love how the door matches the stair railing.

What an interesting & creative way to convert the storage area under the stairs for a dog kennel.
Martin and Malkemus

Make space in your mudroom. If you are lucky enough to have one, utilize one of the cabinets for a dog crate. This mudroom even has a mini shower to wash the dog and rinse off dirty boots or shoes.

dog crate cupboard
Morning Star Builders

Disguise your crate as a piece of furniture. This crate doubles as a nightstand, or turn it sideways and use it as a console table.

DenHaus Wooden Dog Crate Furniture
Den Haus

Make the most out of a hall closet by incorporating a built-in kennel inside. Utilize the top for coats, purses and hats.

Built in dog crate. The bottom half of our entry closet wasn't being used. So instead of having those ugly metal crates sitting in our sunroom, my husband and i decided to build this. We were able to add a small shelving system in the middle to hold dog accessories, scarves, gloves, and winter hats.

Don't let that crate take over your space. Move it to somewhere less obvious. It will not only improve your home's style it will also free up significant floor space.


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