How to Love What you Have Again

Have you fallen out of love with that must have side table? Do you yearn for more modern updated home decor but can't justify the expense? Try loving what you already have by giving it a facelift. Taking furnishings and home decor and repainting, refinishing or updating it, can take a tired object and make it new. Even if you are not generally a DIY'er most of these projects are very easy to pull off.

Lamp bases are easy to start with. Tape off electric socket and cord and apply a coat of spray paint in a trendy hue. This ordinary lamp base becomes a real statement piece with a coat of yellow spray paint and a new shade.

Dining chairs are also quick remakes. Simply remove the seat, cover the old seat with new fabric stapled underneath and replace the seat. Want to take it a step further? Spray paint the chair a fun color before putting back the seat. Follow this tutorial for step by step instructions. 

before and After Chair Recovering Dining Room Chairs
The Weekend Homemaker

If you are willing to take on a larger project, try repainting a larger piece of furniture. 

Suite Pieces

Want to really take it to the next level? Try a stencil like the one pictured here. The before and after says it all.

Refinishing Furniture with the Large Fabric Damask from Royal Design Studio | Allover Damask Stencil Collection
Royal Design Studio

Even knick knacks can be update with a coat of paint. See how these ceramic thrift store finds are turned into stylish, on trend, decor.

Lisa Leonard

Lisa Leonard

Before you give away that old dresser or lamp, try to reinvent it into something new. A simple can of paint can transform many objects from ugly ducklings into swans.

Love what you have - again.


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