Organizing tips for Every Room

I have been in an organizing frenzy these last few months. I have been on a kick to de-clutter my home and make finding things I need easier. It started with my entry storage closet and has kept on going. This year I want to rid my home of things I no longer need so I can make my life less stressful. There is nothing that drives me crazy like clutter. I cannot relax when there is clutter about.

Here are some tips for organizing spaces in every room of your house.

Kitchen. The refrigerator often becomes a search and rescue mission. Items get lost in the back of the fridge and food spoils. Use clear containers to keep items visible and to make the most of the shelf space. Choose ones that can be stacked to avoid wasted space.


Dining Room. Make better use of your buffet or sideboard by creating storage within storage. Wire baskets hold dishes and baskets can hold linens or other small items. Take stock of what you intend to store before purchasing organizers to ensure the right fit.

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Living Room. Use furniture with built in storage. Ottomans that open for hidden storage, console tables outfitted with bins, baskets for toys or extra pillows or throws all are easy ways to corral the clutter.

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Entryway.  Create a place to keep your keys, corral mail, organize shoes  and hang coats with a simple console table and coat rack. 

foyer decorating with console table and coat rack
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Bedroom. Divide and conquer. Divide drawers with bins or drawer dividers and store t-shirts and other clothing sideways like this to make finding that right item much easier.

Bathroom. Utilize the space under the sink with a lazy susan and some baskets. Corral smaller items in jars and other containers. No shelf under the sink? Use racks made for pantry's to allow stacking.

master bathroom
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Linen closet.  Maximize storage and easily find what your are looking for by grouping like objects together. Fold and store sheets by size and label. Use stackable shelves for more space and to keep items from tipping over. Do the same for towels. Place large blankets or comforters on top or bottom shelves where they have ample space. Corral small objects in containers that can be labeled for easy identification. For example, beauty products in one, medicine in another, first aid in another and so on.

Dish rack shelves to stack linens.

I can't wait to use these ideas in my house. Having organized spaces means getting rid of what you don't use and finding what you need a whole lot easier. Not to mention, it looks great too.

Happy organizing.


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