Outdoor Oasis

When I was a child, a neighbor of mine had an awesome treehouse his dad had built. It was up in an old tree with white clapboard siding and real windows. I just loved that treehouse. It was fun to have a play space that was relaxing, had a great view and protected you from the elements. 

As I sit here writing this blog, I am looking out at my back yard. Although we have several beautiful birch trees in our yard, none are large enough to support a treehouse. We do, however, have a garden shed. This got me to thinking about how amazing it would be to convert it into a quiet retreat. A place to write and noodle around design ideas. Somewhere that I could get away and just be. Since I live in the Midwest I clearly could not use the shed year round but, it would be great for when the weather was warm. 

Take a look at these amazing sheds that have been converted by some clever homeowners.

outdoor bedroom bhg
Better Homes & Gardens

Tree Hugger

I love this adorable outdoor shed retreat. Great place to write, ponder, have tea, etc. And the printed curtains are the best!
The Devine Life

Wouldn't you just love to sit a spell in one of these? I can't think of a better way to spend a morning or afternoon. Do you have a shed in your yard? If you could, what would you convert it to? A guest room, office or outdoor living space?

Dream big.


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