5 Small Space Bathroom Solutions

Small bathrooms pose special challenges when it comes to designing your space. You want them to look great but function well too.  I have compiled a list of five things you can do to make your small bathroom look great, but still function the way you need it to.

1. Swap out your vanity. If more than one person uses the bathroom, having a double sink can be a life saver. Alternatively, if the bathroom is only used by one person, it may make more sense to swap a double vanity for a single vanity and gain more counter space. Double sink vanities are available in cabinets as small as 47" wide. There are many double sink vanity options including vanities that have a single wide sink with two faucets like this.  Either way, choosing a vanity that better suits your needs can instantly transform a small bathroom. This example shows the bathroom with a single vanity before and a double after. Now two people can get ready at once.


Remodelaholic | Updated Bathroom; Single Sink Vanity to Double Sink

Remodelaholic | Updated Bathroom; Single Sink Vanity to Double Sink vanities at Home Depot, lots of good storage, various sizes!
2.  Convert tub to shower. Swapping your tub out for a walk in shower can visually open up your space and make it appear larger. Adding a glass shower door or partition is key to this design trick. If there is no room for a glass door then merely add a glass partition like the one pictured here. An open shower visually expands the space and keeps the eye going rather than being stopped by a shower curtain or tub deck.

BATHROOM RENO article: Convert Your Tub Space to a Shower — the Planning Phase. "Step 1 in swapping your tub for a sleek new shower: Get all the remodel details down on paper" By John Whipple #renovation #tips #advice
3.  Use half wall. Small bathrooms don't offer much in the way of privacy but you can fix that by using half walls where possible. Walling of a portion of the shower or hiding the toilet behind one can provide a some privacy.

Small Space, Spa-Like Feel    This bathroom, designed by Linda Maglia, is both modern and traditional with limestone counters and Carrara marble tiles.

Storage Wall: A partial wall is a great way to create a private compartment for the toilet. Put the wall to work by finishing space between the framing with drywall and shelves. A door keeps everything under wraps.
Better Homes & Gardens

4.  Add Light.  Whether it is natural light or artificial light, lighting can dramatically affect the look and function of a bathroom. If you can add a window or a skylight do so. Alternatively, a mix of ceiling lights and wall lights to properly illuminate the space and add to the functionality of the space. Dimmers are great for those times when you want to have a relaxing bath or shower, or don't need glaring light to use the bathroom. Proper lighting will also make getting ready in the morning a whole lot easier. This example shows the power of light. Darker cabinetry doesn't weigh down the gorgeous new design thanks to a great lighting plan. The white walls help lighten the space as well.


Before shower.JPG
Carla Aston

BEFORE and AFTER: A Traditional, Builder-Grade Bathroom Is Made Modern by interior designer Carla Aston
Carla Aston
5. Add storage. Be creative in your storage solutions. Add niches in the shower for toiletries. Use dead space between the wall studs to add recessed shelving. Choose vanities with well thought out storage. Add cabinets to increase storage. Being able to have a home for all of the stuff we all use helps keep the space uncluttered and more open.

Discover unexpected storage. | 31 Tiny House Hacks To Maximize Your Space
Better Homes & Gardens

Keep your bathroom organized and build yourself some bathroom shelves, here is a great DIY from Not Just a Housewife.
Not Just a Housewife

Apartment Therapy

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, try one or all of these great solutions. They will not only visually expand the space but they will greatly improve its function as well.


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