Adorable Easter Crafts

I woke up this morning to a temperature of -9 Farenheit, without the wind chill factor. With the wind, it feels like -27. Naturally, my children have another day off of school. Besides the fact that they are driving each other, and me, crazy they are beyond bored. It is too cold to play outside and there is only so much time I am willing to let them watch t.v. or play on their iPads. Board games generally fall into a shouting match between them. Crafts, however, seems to be the one thing they are willing to do quietly and without much argument.

So, on this day off school, I have compiled some adorable crafts for the upcoming Easter holiday. Not only will they keep children (or you) busy, they will also make great decorations for Easter.

Create an adorable centerpiece or create a new favorite friend with this adorable bunny craft. Click here for full instructions.

The Little Fabric Shop

Countdown to Christmas and Valentine's Day? Why not Easter? Why did I not think of this? Easter eggs are the perfect vehicle for small treats. The kids will be even more motivated to do this if they know they will be rewarded with treats later.

Love Sweet Love

I have plenty of paint strips lying around but if you don't they are free at the hardware store. Put them to good use and make an adorable garland that can be strung from the mantle or doorway. You could also cut them in the shapes of bunnies, butterflies or carrots. Click here for a tutorial

Here's a craft that is easy for any age. Use strips of scrapbook paper or washi tape to cover an egg template. Cover with a DIY mat cut in the shape of an egg. Place on a mantel, shelf or hang on the wall. A grouping of them in different styles would make a great display.

Top 10 Interesting Easter Crafts for Kids
Top Inspired

Make use of old crayons by creating new bunny shaped ones. Perfect to give as gifts or another fun way to keep your children entertained once they are done. Full tutorial here.

Keep them busy for a while and use up those plastic eggs with this great crafts. Hot glue small gems to the outside of plastic eggs. You could also use wooden eggs or craft glue rather than hot glue. In the end, you will have beautiful eggs to display. Get the tutorial here.

.What to do with those left over plastic Easter eggs.
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Here is another adorable way to decorate a mantle, shelf or wall. Cover canvas (or paper) with a bunny stencil, paint perimeter and remove stencil. Add a tail made from yarn and a banner made from scrapbook paper. Full instructions can be found here.

Put bunny stencil on a canvas, paint canvas blue, take off stencil, add white pompom tail and scrapbook paper banner!
Clean and Scentsible

Happy crafting!


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