Clever Hidden Storage Ideas

When remodeling a space the first thought is usually how it will look in the end. The layout, the finishes and lighting are what comes to mind. However, how the space functions is equally as important and can dramatically improve how you feel about a space.

After the initial decision of how you want a space to look, think about little things that can make it function better for you. Need some inspiration? Try these great ideas on for size.

Need extra workspace but not all the time? Try a workspace that pulls out from an island or counter. 

Decorating Your Small Space

Convert a drawer in your laundry room to a pull out shelf to make folding much easier. Add one in the kitchen that can be used as a cutting board.

Pull Out Shelf Laundry Room Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor
Crystal Cabinets

Create a space in the kitchen or dining room to pay bills or watch the kids on the internet without having to see clutter, by converting a cabinet into a work area. A flip down door, pull out shelf or flip front door will create workspace but stay hidden when not in use.

grey kitchen desk
The Decoist

Convert the unused space at the end of your tub to a pull out linen cabinet. A perfect way to hide extra towels and toiletries without taking up valuable floor space.

No tub? No worries. Convert the space between the wall studs to a built in cabinet. Either leave the front open or add a door like this. Perfect for rooms where space is at a premium.

built between wall studs, behind the door in the tiny bath. This storage unit doesn't take up an inch of floor space. cabinet is recessed into the wall to boost storage in a small bathroom .  To make it uber-cheap, you could use a sturdy, reinforced picture frame/glass for the door. The glass is a lot thinner, so not for households with wee ones that tend to slam!

Hide a family command center in the end of a shallow cabinet. Insert a corkboard in the door recess to have a place to hang a calendar and important reminders.

No place to put an ironing board? Convert a drawer in your bathroom, closet, kitchen or laundry room into a pull out ironing board.

Don't just think form, think function when redesigning or updating a space. Adding clever storage solutions like this will make life a whole lot easier and clutter free.


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