Desk Accessories that are Stylish and Functional

Trying to get organized this year? I am. I feel like the clutter is overtaking my life and yearn for clean surfaces and clutter free rooms. One place that often is clutter filled is a home office. The mounds of paper, office supplies and to do lists, seem to take over. I find that when I have desk accessories that corral all the clutter, organize it so I can actually find it, and look great too, it is easier to keep things looking clean and clutter free. 

Today I have put together some hardworking desk accessories that will make your workspace look great, but will keep it clean too.

Organize papers and clear the clutter with this organizer. Have a drawer for papers that come in and for those that go out. Plain paper can go on the bottom. The drawers can be labeled so you know what is in it.

Zinc Austin 3-Drawer File | World Market
World Market

Take it to the wall. Get papers off your desk with these "on trend" wire baskets. They are also outfitted with label holders so you know what's in them.

Create a command center complete with calendar, bulletin board, shelves, bins and cubbies to corral all your things. This one gets mail, pens, paper clips and your calendar off your desk and on the wall so your workspace stays clean and organized.

Keep track of appointments or to do lists with this stylish chalkboard. The distressed shaped frame makes it a stylish addition to any workspace.

Distressed Wood Framed Chalkboard
Hobby Lobby

Ditch mail, field trip forms, and reminder letters by putting all those dates in a gorgeous planner. This one can be personalized and the cover is laminated to hold up to every day wear and tear. With colorful pages, pockets and large date blocks for writing appointments and reminders, this planner does it all.

Keep all your necessities within easy reach with this desk caddy and tray. Pencils, paper clips and pens won't be hard to find with this clever organizer, and it adds style to boot.
Create a landing spot for papers, mail, clips or business cards with a decorative tray. A playful pattern also provides some punch to your workspace.

Lilly Pulitzer Glass Tray - Medium
See Jane Work

Take control of clutter with these great home office accessories. Accessories like these not only get you organized, but they make your space look great too. Who doesn't want an inspiring space to work? I know I do. At the very least, they will make working a whole lot more fun.


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