Ventless Fireplaces

I have worked with a few clients recently who wanted a fireplace, but putting one in was a challenge. Gas fireplaces are natural alternatives for homes without a woodburning fireplace. However, some gas fireplaces, like traditional fireplaces, need to be vented to the outside. While this is generally possible, sometimes a home's layout or location makes it difficult or impossible. 

For example, if you are an interior unit of a condominium complex, venting the fireplace to the outside can be challenging. Or, if you want a fireplace in the basement, venting it to the outside can be difficult or costly.

Enter the ventless fireplace. These units do not require venting to the outside of the home and can be powered by natural gas, propane, electricity or gel burning fuel. Natural gas and propane fireplaces can be positioned anywhere there is a supply line. These emit low levels of gases into the room but what are generally considered safe levels. Electric powered fireplaces need electricity run to it however, it emits no gases into the room. Gel fuel is the most versatile as it is powered by gel canisters and lit simply with a match, allowing it to be placed anywhere.  Read more about ventless fireplace types and their pros and cons here.

Whatever type you choose, all have come a long way from the old electric style "fake" looking fireplace. Today's models are more realistic, stylish and energy efficient. Here is a round-up of each style.

1. Natural Gas 

Woodland Direct

2. Propane Fueled 

Monessen Universal Vent Free Firebox with Firebrick - 42"
eFireplace Store

3. Electric 

Dimplex Synergy 50" Electric Fireplace - BLF50
Electric Fireplaces Direct

4. Gel Fueled

Gel Fuel Fireplace Mantel Packages
Mantels Direct

All options have a more realistic flame look. Most of them come either as a firebox insert, an entire unit, like the one pictured above, or in wall mount options (for a more modern look). They also come in a variety of finishes such as black, stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze.

So, if you have been itching to have a fireplace in your home but did not think it was possible, explore one of these ventless options. Consider all the factors you want in a fireplace and choose the one that is right for you. Not only do they make great additions to family rooms and basements but they also look great in a bedroom or dining room too.


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