What's Hot for Bathrooms in 2015

As I wrote yesterday, this years' Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) was held last month. This is where designers and builders get to see what the hot trends will be for the coming year. Bathrooms were the star of the show and it is believed will be the room to redecorate over kitchens this year.

So, what are the hot trends for 2015 for baths. Stay with me to find out.

Large free standing tubs are replacing the standard tub. Tubs with chromatherapy, air jets and aromatherapy are the new way to bathe. With all these great features you are sure to have a bathroom that looks and feels great.

Charism Oval rustic-bathroom
Bain Ultra

If you are not into taking baths, then removing your tub entirely and replacing it with a luxurious walk in shower complete with multiple shower heads is a trend for you. Complete that look with a unique shower door like this that won first place in the KBIS Peoples' Choice Award.

Coastal Shower Doors - Products - Gridscape Shower Doors
Coastal Shower Doors

Gray is replacing beige as the new color for bathrooms from walls to cabinets, expect to see this as the new go to color for bathrooms.

gray bathroom home decor
Huffington Post

Quartz is also the new material of choice for countertops. It's durability and new designs that more closely mimic real stone it is an obvious choice for bathrooms.

Quartz Makes A Splash in the Bathroom
MSI International

Large format tiles, specifically 12 x 24 are making a splash as well. Wood look porcelain tiles, natural stone or more contemporary styles will be big this year. Mosaics are still strong and are coming in more unique patterns and styles. And speaking of tiles, black tiles made a big impact this year at KBIS.

Black and white top our lists for trends to watch out for in 2015

As for faucets, different features like no touch control and different finishes like matte black and brushed gold are hot trends. Delta's Tesla series with it's joystick-like control is a great pick if you want a unique look to your bath. Or choose a fixture in matte black for an up-to-date look.


Speaking of new finishes, cabinet hardware in brushed gold, combined black and brushed nickel and copper are trending right now. Additionally, if you are tired of brushed nickel and pewter but are not fond of oil rubbed bronze or copper then the new "slate" finish may be for you.

Atlas Homewares

Even switch plates are getting an update. This one from Snap Power has a built in night light. Simply replace it for your existing cover. It also has a built in sensor to turn it on when the room is dark. No more fumbling around in the middle of the night.

SnapRays Guidelight by Snap Power
Mike Shouts

Also, if you don't like sitting on a freezing cold toilet seat in the middle of the night, then Kohler has the answer for you. A toilet with a heated seat. They also offer a no touch flush toilet as well as one that has a built in deodorizer.


Tired of wasting water waiting for your shower to heat up? You don't have to anymore with Niagra's Hot Start Shower Head. When you turn on the water the shower head does not release any water until the temperature reaches 95 degrees. Water will then begin to come out in a trickle so you know that it is ready. Push the "resume" button and the water will come out full force. No more wasting energy or water.

Niagara Conservation_Hot Start Showerhead
KBIS Pressroom

Bathroom trends for 2015 are more than just a pretty face. They are also about function and conservation. I can't wait to use some of these ideas myself.


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