Spring Cleaning - 10 Genius Drawer Organization Ideas

If there is one thing that drives me crazy, it is opening a drawer and finding a jumble of items inside. Not only do I have to root around to find what I am looking for but, invariably something is wrinkled, snagged (or in the case of the kitchen), bent or broken. Keeping drawers organized is a big challenge in my house. Without a plan, my children (and sometimes my husband), create such a disorganized mess that I literally can't even put things away. So, I am on a mission to get things organized around here. In my quest, I have found some great drawer organizing tips that I thought I would share.

1. Bras, socks and underwear. Take a tip from your local store and divide and conquer. Find, or make, a drawer divider and group items by color and size. Fold your bras in half, tuck in the straps and stack for a great way to keep them organized and easy to find. Get directions here to make your own drawer divider.

alHow to: Make Homemade Drawer Organizers. I will be doing this. Makes storage in a small apartment do easy
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2. Fold t-shirts and tank tops and stack them sideways by color. This avoids rummaging around to find the shirt you want, and makes putting them away a whole lot easier. Find out how to fold your shirts here.

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3. Use small boxes covered in paper to organize a junk or craft drawer. A great way to recycle those small boxes.

Desk Drawer Organization // Modish and Main
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4. Use plastic containers to corral your makeup and other toiletries. The clear plastic allows you to easily see what is inside and makes clean up a snap.

Getting My Battlestation Organized | The Glamorous Housewife
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5. Use a kitchen utensil organizer to keep your toothbrushes neat and organized and off the countertop.

50 Organizing Ideas For Every Room in Your House — JaMonkey - Atlanta Mom Blogger | Parenting & Lifestyle
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6. Make your own kitchen cabinet drawer organizers. Not only will they fit your cabinets perfectly but they also will allow you to customize them to fit your needs. Get the instructions here.

7. Use PVC pipe to corral your scarves. No more jumbled scarves in your drawers or falling off hangers in your closet.

40 Brilliant Closet and Drawer Organizing Projects, PVC pipe organizing drawers
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8. Are hair ties taking over your bathroom? Use small plastic containers to corral them. Organize by type or color for an easy way to locate what you are looking for. Use separate ones for brushes and headbands.

via The Organised Housewife

via The Organised Housewife

9. Get a spice rack to make finding your spices a whole lot easier. A narrow drawer works great for this. If you have extra room, store your measuring cups and spoons.

instead of shelves, keep ur spice jars in a drawer with elevations so that you can see all of them at once
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10.  Tame tupperware with pegboard cabinet inserts. Not only are they organized but you can rearrange it to fit whatever size container you have.

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Happy organizing!


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