The Beauty of Nature

Hello all! It is nice to be back again after a ten day vacation out west. It has been a jarring transition from near 100 degree temperatures back down 60 degrees to our current 30's. I definitely miss the sun, blue skies, shorts, flip flops and warm temps, not to mention my family. 

We spent most of our vacation in Mesa, Arizona visiting family and taking in a Chicago Cubs spring training game. The Cubs actually won against the White Sox, so maybe this will be the year they will win the World Series ("wink, wink"). We also ventured north and spent two days at the Grand Canyon. My husband and I had been years before however, neither of our children had ever been. I was surprised to find that they thought it was amazing, and will admit I had a few heart attacks when they got too close to the edge.

What struck me most about the canyon this time was truly how beautiful nature can be. It is a sight to behold to stand at the rim and look down into the canyon's rugged beauty. The way the rocks look as if someone carved them with a saw and their astounding array of colors that change throughout the day. Nature is truly a wonder and the Grand Canyon is a perfect example of that.

Here are a select few of my photos from our trip. No matter what stop we made along the way, there was always something amazing to see.

Well back to work, as well as the harsh cold reality that Spring has not yet sprung for good around here. 

See you again tomorrow!


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