5 Cheap and Easy Floral Arrangements

One thing that always perks up a room is fresh flowers. Having a bouquet of flowers next to your bed, on your dining room table, the kitchen counter or on your coffee table brings not only brings in color and texture but smells great too. 

You don't have to spend a fortune on flowers to get a great look. A few simple items are all you need to create a beautiful floral display.

1. Alstroemerias, mason jars and raffia. Group the flowers by color. Cut so the flowers sit just at the rim of a wide mouth mason jar. Tie top of jar with raffia and enjoy your bouquet for a week or more. The alstroemerias are a flower that has staying power.

2. Tulips and a square glass vase. Select single hued tulips. Remove all but the upper leaves near the flower. Cut so the flowers just rest on the lip of the vase.

via Gem of the Week

3. Hydrangeas and a pitcher. Cut them from your garden or buy them at the grocery store. Create a round bouquet in your hand with middle flowers slightly higher than the outer ones. Cut the stems so the flowers are just above the rim and drop them in.

via A Country Farmhouse

4. Peony and a round glass vase. Cut from the garden or selected at the store, peony's look great in a simple glass vessel. Arrange in your hand similarly to the hydrangea and cut the stems so the flowers rest on the vases' edge.

beautiful bouquet of peonys, flowers are so important to have in our homes
via Luella & June

6. Mixed bouquets and a bucket. Avoid the temptation to just pop the flowers into the bucket. Rather, separate the flowers by size. Rearrange them in your hand. Larger flowers in the middle and filling in with smaller flowers. Once you have it the way you want it, trim the stems so the flowers rest on the rim of the bucket. Choose a bucket size that allows the flowers to pack in tightly. You can also use a rubber band to secure the bouquet together before cutting the stems so the flowers stay together. 

Bouquet Makeover
via BHG

See flower arranging can be easy and inexpensive at the same time. Bring nature inside and give your home some texture and color.

Happy flower arranging!


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