5 Creative Uses for a Shower Curtain

I love finding ways to use everyday things and turn them into something you would not expect. Take shower curtains for example. They come in some amazing color and patterns and are the perfect size to remake them into other things. Even if you are not very crafty, many of these ideas require little to no sewing. Have I piqued your interest? Give one of these ideas a try. Click on the sourcing information for "how-to" instructions.

1. Recover a chair. Reupholster chair cushions using a shower curtain. Choose one with a smaller pattern so the scale fits the size of seat.

Dining chair reupholstered with shower curtain
Lovely Etc

2. Substitute them for regular curtains. Most shower curtains have patterns that make them easily convert to curtain panels. If they are not long enough simply sew a coordinating fabric at the top or the bottom or use iron on fusible adhesive.

via Apartment Therapy

3. Make your own pillows. Create one of a kind pillow covers with shower curtains. Cut them to fit the pillow form and sew or use fusible adhesive for the seams.

via Lipstick and Sawdust

4. Make outdoor cushion covers. Since shower curtains are used in wet areas they make the perfect  material for outdoor cushions.

via Pretty Handy Girl

5.  Create amazing wall art. Staple a graphic shower curtain over a custom built frame or around stretched canvas for a unique piece of wall art.

via 6th Street Design School

Think creatively. There are always ways to repurpose ordinary things into some extraordinary and you don't have to break the bank to do so.

Get crafty!


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