5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter eggs is a tradition in our house. Rather than hard boiling the eggs, I blow them out and then we color them. That way they can sit out for days without fear of them going bad.

There are so many great ways to decorate Easter eggs other than the traditional dyeing method. Maybe I will give some of these a try. Click on the sourcing information for how-tos.

1. Use sharpies. Create colorful Easter eggs without dye simply by using sharpies. The designs are only limited by your imagination.

via Mom.me

2. Go glam with glitter. Some glue and glitter are all it takes to create stylish and easy Easter eggs. 

gorgeous Glitter Easter Eggs
via Girl Inspired

3.  Stencil them. Use a stencil to create adorable and modern Easter egg designs.

via Martha Stewart

4. Stray from tradition. Use temporary tattoo paper to print your own egg tattoos. Great way to get older kids to still want to decorate Easter eggs.

these hipster Easter eggs are so cool! learn how easy they are to make.
Its Always Autumn

5. Recreate nature. Give your eggs a natural look by dyeing them light blue and green and speckling them with gold paint. a toothbrush dipped in gold paint and flicked onto the eggs in one spot will do the trick.

DIY golden speckled blue eggs for Easter.
via Craftberry Bush

Happy Easter!


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