Happy Easter!

My children were off school on Friday and I decided it was a good time to color Easter eggs. I I took a few ideas from my prior post on decorating easter eggs and let my kids loose. As usual, they did not pick one style to use rather, a mash up of dyeing, wax crayons, stencil stickers and sharpies.  My children are very creative and have their own ideas on what designs they want  their eggs to have.

This year I boiled the eggs rather than blow them out. Not only is it faster but, I have the yummy hard boiled eggs to eat. I followed these instructions from Simply Recipes for the perfect hard boiled eggs and they truly did turn out perfect (of course I had to try one just to be sure it cooked correctly.) I also put vinegar in the water to prevent any cracked eggs from leaking and, I am happy to report, it worked. Here's some photos of the process and the end results.

All of our supplies are laid out on our covered work surface.

You can see how hard at work they are. Drawing with the sharpies and marker were definitely a hit.

The finished product. They just make me smile when I look at them. My children decided to dye the eggs they had drawn on with the sharpie to add more interest. I think they turned out adorable.

The eggs with the marbled effect were not intentional. I may have added too much vinegar to the dye mixture however, I think it was a happy accident as I love how they turned out.

Happy Easter!


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