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Yesterday I went to a new store that just opened in my hometown. If you live in the Lake Zurich area you should definitely stop by Patina Haus. It is a quaint store specializing in unique home decor. Not only do they have finds from estate sales and the like but they also have new items from high end retailers that they scored on a bargain and are passing the savings on to the buyer. 

One of my favorite finds was a star shaped pendant light in oil rubbed bronze and fitted with a mini Edison bulb.  Since we are in the process of considering an addition that would include a kitchen remodel, it got me to thinking about pendant lights for the island. Specifically, how great that pendant would look in my space. As is usually the case with unique stores like these, there was only one. However, I was determined to see if I could find the same or similar item to keep in mind as a possible contender for my new kitchen.

Believe it or not, I found it! While on the hunt I also found some other spectacular pendants that I would consider myself or recommend to a client. Considering updating the lighting in your kitchen? Try one of these on for size.

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Number 5 is the one I am currently coveting. What about you? Which one is your favorite? Let me know by adding a comment below.

Happy decorating!


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