Takeaways from a Well Styled Room

For many of my clients, one hurdle they have a hard time overcoming is adding accessories to their room. Not knowing where to start, what colors to use or what style they are trying to achieve can all be barriers to their success.

The best place to start is by finding a picture of a room you love. Search Pinterest, Houzz, your favorite home magazine or blog. Then identify these key items to copy.

via Target

1. Color scheme. In this case it is navy, fuchsia, teal and white. The couch and wall are in neutral gray. 

2. Select a unique piece to style around. Here it is the lighted wall anchor. The lobster pillow and navy and white scheme echo a nautical theme.

3. Mix and match. This room has a mixture of patterns and textures. The velvet couch, striped and dotted pillows all create an interesting display. Choosing all the same pillows, patterns or textures make a room appear flat.

4.  Use the accent colors throughout the space. The wall art pulls the accent colors onto the wall and keeps the eye moving. Using similar hues avoids clashing.

5. Art doesn't have to be expensive. Create this same look with frames in similar styles and colors so they don't take away from the art. Framing your child's art work or framing cards, wrapping paper, fabric or scrapbook paper is an easy way to find coordinating items that you can mix and match.

Following these simple rules will help you style your space in a way you love.

Happy decorating!


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