Unique Seating Ideas for your Kitchen

We entertain quite a bit at our house. As is usually the case, everyone congregates in the kitchen. Unfortunately for us, our kitchen is quite small so there is not much space for people to gather. It is for this reason we are considering expanding the back of our first floor to create a larger kitchen and family room. In the ideal world we would add an island to our kitchen which would seat six. We would also have a table adjacent to the kitchen which would seat another six to eight people.

In thinking over designs for the kitchen, I began thinking about ways to maximize seating. Islands are great, but they generally cannot provide all the seating a family needs for daily living not to mention entertaining. There are plenty of ways to add additional seating that don't fit into the traditional mold. 

Add a bar. Mount a ledge along a wall (preferably one with a view) or remove a few lower cabinets to make space for stools where guests can bevy up to the bar while your cooking dinner.

Tiny apartment ideas: 23 ways to make your small space feel huge.
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Add a window seat. The perfect spot to have a drink or kids to get some reading time in while your preparing dinner.

Turn a window niche into a mini living area with a window seat: http://www.bhg.com/decorating/small-spaces/strategies/small-living-room-furniture-arrangement/?socsrc=bhgpin022714addseating&page=7
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If your kitchen is open to your family room, put stools under your console table so they can enjoy the game while your working in the kitchen.

If you have a small living room slash dining room, a setup like this will help maximize your space! Plus the saddle seats are adorable!
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Create a cozy sitting area with a small sectional and coffee table.

A breakfast nook may be redundant if you have seating at your kitchen island.  Instead of using it for its intended purpose, create a little sitting area to enjoy a cup of tea or read a book on a rainy day.
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Don't have enough space for a sectional? Get the same feel but use two accent chairs instead.

whoa i love the idea of a two chairs in our eat in instead of a table. might have to do this!
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Entertain with style!


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