Ways to Transform IKEA furniture

I will admit it. I love IKEA. You can find everything from kitchen wares, to bedding to furniture. Although it often gets a bad rap, it is like every other store. You need to shop around for the best quality item in that category. What I love most about IKEA is it's prices as well as its storage solutions.

There are several companies that have popped up that make products specifically to dress up IKEA furniture. Check them out.

1. Myoverlays.  Decorative overlays to add to dressers and the like. They have different overlays for different IKEA products. Apply as is or paint.

Simply Sparkly Sarah: Ikea Dresser Makeover
via Simply Sparkly Sarah

2. Mykea.  Colorful decals that transform your IKEA furniture into works of art.


3. PANYL. Also a peel 'n stick product but in more everyday patterns. They even have decals to transform your IKEA kitchen cabinets.


4. Pretty Pegs. Give your IKEA furniture a little kick by replacing the legs with this stylish numbers. There are plenty to choose from and work with other types of furniture as well.

via Pretty Pegs

Happy decorating!


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