Float It

I have been working on several projects lately where the furniture layout is not a common one. Rooms with many windows, doors or other architectural features such as built-ins or fireplaces can make arranging furniture in a space difficult. Add in traffic flow and how someone wants to use the space, and furniture arranging can quickly become overwhelming.

In situations like these, many people opt to push all their furniture up against the walls. In doing so, they feel that they are maximizing the space in the room. However, sometimes this can result in the room feeling smaller and cut down on its function. 

One solution is floating the furniture in the room. While this may seem strange at first, it actually can open up a space, improve traffic flow and improve its overall function.

Here are some spaces that prove floating is the way to go.

via The Berry

How to build floating shelves.   |   Im going to do this around my fireplace.
via Shanty 2 Chic

May end up putting our tv over the fire place...
via VT Interiors

via Seattle Staged To Sell

via Beck Design Blog

via Home Portfolio

Floating furniture arrangements work in large as well as small spaces. They keep large spaces from appearing too cavernous and small spaces from feeling cramped. As each of these examples shows, the rooms feel cozy, provide access to doors and windows, have designated traffic flows and still keep a focal point. Try a floating furniture arrangement in your space, you will be amazed at how it transforms your room.

Happy re-arranging!


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