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Knowing your own decorating style is key to achieving the look you want. When you are not sure of your own style it can be difficult to pull off a space that looks great and one you feel comfortable in. Sure you can have a beautifully decorated room but, if it isn't your style then you will never feel truly at home in it. So, how do you determine your style? The easiest way is by looking at pictures of rooms and landing on the one that makes you want to leap into the photo and live there.

Here are some examples of different decorating styles to help you get started.


This style is defined by tailored furnishings, elegant fabrics, put together color palettes and wood furnishings. Detailing on furniture, fabrics and light fixtures (like the shades on the sconces) help complete the look. Architectural trim that is large and more ornate help drive the traditional feeling home.

from 2009! so elegant yer comfortable 25 Years of Beautiful Living Rooms | Traditional Home
via Traditional Home


This style bridges the gap between modern and traditional. Cleaner lines prevail in furniture as well as architectural details. Decor is more casual and fabric accents are more easy going and fun.

Transitional living room with pops of blue
via Home Bunch


Hallmarks of this decorating style are simple lined furniture, statement light fixtures, a mix of wood, glass and metal and more earthy color palettes.

Modern living room, Medici Sectional Sofa with Track Arm | Hudson's Bay
via Residence Style

Cottage, Coastal or Farmhouse Style:

All invoke the feeling they state. Being at those locales. Casual furnishings and fabrics. Sisal and cotton are the norm. A mix of patterns and textures and low key decor are are hallmarks of this style.

Shabby Chic:

Key elements of this style are white fabrics, soft color palettes and weathered wood furnishings and decor. Relaxed but elegant are the name of the game. Crystal light fixtures and more ornate details on weathered furniture are common in this design style.

Beautiful white shabby chic living room. - http://myshabbychicdecor.com/beautiful-white-shabby-chic-living-room/
via The Shabby Creek Cottage

Arts and Crafts:

Warm woods, leather and simple shaker style cabinetry dominate this design style. Mica glass light fixtures and wood paneling are common. Iron accents are also key elements of this design as well as pottery as decor.

arts+and+crafts+homes | Three Great Arts & Crafts Style Homes — Arts & Crafts Homes and the ...
via Arts & Crafts Homes

Industrial Chic:

Key elements to this decorating style are reclaimed wood and metal. Tables that are wood and metal, those on casters and decor that looks like it came from a factory are commonly found in this design style. Furniture with simple lines and solid colors don't compete with the pattern from the reclaimed wood.

Sneak A Peek // Kate’s Industrial Chic Living Room
via The Effortless Chic


An earthy color palette is common in this design style. Stacked stone, wood flooring, mid range woods and a mix of fabric and leather are the norm. Barn doors and light fixtures that are reminiscent of a lodge feel right at home in a rustic space.

Now that you have had a chance to look at different design styles, which one are you? Take notes from each of these rooms to copy in your own space and you will not only have a room that looks great but one that screams you.

Happy decorating!


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