Accent Walls

For many years painted accent walls were all the rage. Choosing a single wall to paint a bold or interesting paint color was very on trend. Sadly, like most trends, its appeal has waned. Many designers feel it makes a space feel dated and would not recommend one to their clients.

Accent walls themselves, however, are not dated. Rather, they have changed. Instead of a single wall painted a different color, texture and pattern have taken over. Wallpaper is making a comeback for feature walls as well as stencils, wood paneling and stone.

Looking to create an accent wall in your home? Get some inspiration from these great spaces.

Stencils are hot right now but not in the 80's kind of way. Tone on tone paint but with a different finish create the look of wallpaper.

via Homedit

Wallpaper is also very on trend. Larger scale patterns are more common or wallpapers with texture such as grasscloth.

Entryway accent wall papered with "Diva" Pattern (ND7083).
via The Creativity Exchange

Stone is also a popular trend for accent walls. Cladding a fireplace or a single wall in stacked stone gives a room texture and warmth.

Stone wall and chandelier... STUNNING.
via Decorating Den Interiors

Another great accent wall choice? Reclaimed wood. The color variation and texture that this wood has makes a real statement no matter where it is used.

via Fast Company

If you are afraid of committing to one of the above options, another great idea is removable wall decals. They come in an endless variety of styles and colors and can simply be peeled off the wall without leaving any damage.

via Modern

Still love paint? Use it in a different way. Paint patterns on the wall rather than using a single color for a fresh look.

Wide stripes
via At Home in Love

Create a new kind of accent wall with one of these great ideas. No matter which one you choose, you will be sure to make a statement.

Happy decorating!


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