Tub Free Bathrooms

More and more people are opting to get rid of their bathtub in order to have a larger shower. Reasons for this shift can be, in part, attributed to today's busy lifestyles. Let's face it. How many of you have time for a long soak in the tub.

Another reason for having a shower only bathroom, is to maximize space. If you do not use your tub often, it makes sense to replace your tub with a larger shower. Alternatively you could use the extra space for many things including a closet or an additional vanity.

If you have been considering removing your tub, only do so if it is not the only tub in the house. Not having a tub can be a turnoff to families with young children should you ever sell. Additionally there are some buyers who would like to have a tub so keep that in mind when renovating.

Still considering getting rid of your bathtub? Here are some tubless spaces to get you inspired.

via Decorpad

Two shower heads, shower deep enough it doesn't require a door (cause we HATE to clean them!!)
via Small Home Design Ideas

Tile wall. Bathroom door. Rocks on floor. Sink. Would put shelving below for towels etc.
via Live Love in the Home

Removing the original tub and shower and replacing them with this beautiful walk-in open shower has made amazing changes to this bathroom. L...
via Houzz

What is your preference? Tub or no tub? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy decorating!


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