5 Summer Mantle Styling Ideas

Just because you are not using your fireplace right now doesn't mean it shouldn't get any love. As with other areas of your home, it is nice to swap out dark and heavy decor for light and bright when spring and summer arrive. Just making a few changes can lighten your mood and brighten your home. Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Less is best. Use a large painting or mirror to fill the space and surround it with a few simple but well chosen items to create a lighter feeling. Adding flowers in front of the firebox fills the dark space and brings the outdoors in.

Love tile Love lower mantel. Love three tiers of mantel. Maybe what it would look like w/o bookcases. Probably my favorite mantel Also love paint color
via HGTV Canada
2.  Bring the beach to you. Add beach themed items to make your home feel like a vacation everyday.

via Top This Top That
3. Go green. Clip some greens from your garden, or some fresh flowers, and place them in simple clear vases for a light and bright display.

Fresh Herb Summer Wreath
via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
4. Add color. Choose pops of color to add cheerfulness and interest. Whether you choose variations of one color or mix and match your mantle will be sure to say summer.

Like the arrangement of glass.  I  bought some of these(INSULATORS-GOD FORBID I don't use the proper name, or random strangers will take it upon themselves to correct me[glass caps from electricity poles]).  the other day from the Antique Box in Elloree SC-best kept secret in the south. Here's a way to display-cute
via Rachel Baugher
5. Use citrus. A bowl of lemons or limes add just the right feel and punch of color to a nature inspired display.

via Dear Lillie Blog

Happy summer!


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