Team Gifts

This weekend is my daughter's final softball tournament of the season. It is hard to believe the season is already over, especially since it doesn't feel like summer has really begun around here. Just as we did last year, we are having the end of the year softball party at the tournament while everyone is all together. I have again volunteered to make the girls parting gift. 

Last year I gave them a photo of them wearing their 2nd place tournament medals glued to cardstock and embellished with ribbon in their team colors and their number. They were very cute and I gave them each a tootsie roll pop to go with it.

This year I decided to step it up a bit. I started with these cute miniature bottles filled with Lemonheads (to look like softballs) and embellished it with a glitter zebra ribbon and die cut softball. Then I added a DIY hair tie to the top. Instructions on the hair tie craft and mini softball bottles were found here and here on Pinterest. The bottles are from the dollar store and the ribbon and hair tie material are from my local discount store.

Their photo is being done by another mom who is photoshopping it with softball related words. I was in charge of the frame. I found these cute ones at my craft store in Lightning blue and used paint pens to write the team name, date, girls name and jersey number. They will be a great keepsake.

Well I am off for a few days. Can't wait to see how the girls like their gifts and where they end up in the tournament. Wish them luck!

Go Lightning!


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