Decorating Made Easy

To me, fall is the perfect time to redecorate. Kids are back to school, the leaves are changing and temperatures are dropping. Time to throw open the windows and make some changes. The question is, where to start? This, I find, is where many people get hung up in the process. They aren't sure what look they are after or how to get it.

Sometimes, the easiest way to get started is by looking online or through magazines to see what strikes you. Really look at the photo and decide what you like and what you don't. Try to find one that marries the colors you like with the style you are after. Once you find it, start to determine what you already have that works and what you need to complete the look.

Also, consider using a tool like Sherwin Williams' Color Snap. It allows you to create a paint palette based on the colors in the space. Want to learn more? Click on this link

Here it is in action. I have chosen this photo as an example of a space I would like to duplicate.

Image Pottery Barn
Colors Sherwin Williams Color Snap

The colors on the left are the most dominant colors in the room and the ones on the right are the accent colors. Extra White represents the wall color and the black and neutrals are the being and furnishings. Here the yellows and golds represent the gold accents. Use this as a guide to decorate your space. It is even worthwhile to bring it with you while shopping to ensure you are getting as close to that hue as possible.

Using tools like these can take some of the guesswork out of decorating and help you overcome the initial hurdle of "Where do I start?".

Happy decorating!


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