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At the 2015 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show there was a focus on small space living. Prior to the economic downturn, the trend was bigger is better. However, now smaller spaces are gaining in popularity. Whether it is living with your small kitchen and bath, rather than renovating, or downsizing completely, this trend is gaining momentum. Some have even taken this idea to the extreme by choosing to living in extremely small homes (some not more than 500 square feet).

While this may seem like a crazy idea to some, it is really quite appealing (at least to me anyway). Small living has quite a few advantages. Less space means less cleaning and upkeep. It also translates to lower costs which allows you more income to do the things you love. Although it is not always practical for families, it is a great option for those who are single, young couples or empty nesters. Even families can benefit from living in more modest housing. Less space means less clutter and closer proximity means more quality family time.

These are some great examples of small houses that live large.

Tired of the era of McMansions? Check out these 10 cozy cottages that showcase the charm of small house living. These homes are less maintenance, too!
via Town and Country Living

Click the link for the blueprint - I love how it's laid out, and it really is the perfect size to live in.
via Ideabox

A Manor house style
via House Kaboodle

Freedom in 704 Square Feet | "In [9] months, the mortgage will be paid in full, which will leave... monthly costs of roughly $370 for property taxes, utilities, municipal services and insurance."
via NY Times

via Busy Boo

via Builder House Plans

The key to small space living is reducing clutter and only keeping those things you really love and need. Once you do that, life becomes simpler and less stressful. The more I think about it, the more interested I become in wanting to live this way once my kids are out of the house. Since we downsized purposely four years ago, I haven't missed the extra space. While I don't love the layout of our current home I do try to declutter our house as much as possible every chance I get.

So would you consider small size living?

To see the inside of some these houses click on these links.

Live happy!


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