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For decades white walls reigned supreme. You would be hard pressed to find a home that had walls painted a shade other than white. That all changed over the past two decades when walls in every hue became the norm. Now you would have a hard time finding a home that doesn't have at least one room painted a colorful hue.

Recently, the trend is shifting back to white. Designers and decorators alike are opting for white walls to act as the backdrop to furnishings and accessories. Even Benjamin Moore is jumping on the band wagon and has recently named its 2016 Color of the Year as Simply White.

via Benjamin Moore

I, for a long time, was also a proponent of non-white walls. In fact, you will not find a room in my house that is painted white. However, I am being swayed by white's versatility and simplicity. In doing research for this blog I have come across many rooms painted white that look amazing. Here are a few that show how white walls are anything but boring.

white wall, dark floors, and dark beams with natural wood furnishings add great contrast and warmth.:
via Werner Straube Photography/Khristi Zimmeth

Balance rustic wooden doors with bright white walls and colorful accent pieces.:
via Bit + Co.

via House Beautiful

Family room painted in Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace
via Houzz - Kate Jackson

The best white paint colors according to interior designers, Benjamin Moore Simply Whitr:
via Studio McGee

white foyer via Traditional Home magazine
via Traditional Home

via Homedit

Dining Room. Dining Room Ideas. French Transitional Dining Room. #DiningRoom #TransitionalInteriors #DiningRoomIdeas #DiningRoomDesign
via Homebunch

via Elle Decor

U-shaped (sometimes called C-shaped) kitchens are the ideal shape for small spaces? Only if you cook alone. If you co-cook, like my hub and I do, you are in for a lot of toe-stepping and irritability as you bump into each other on the way to the sink, stove, fridge...:
via Kevin Dakan Architect

The key to decorating with white walls is adding interest in other parts of the space. Different colors and textures are what make white walls shine. Dark floors, a colorful rug, interesting pillows or textured tile all help take ordinary white to the next level. White walls allow all the other elements of the space stand out and helps the walls recede to give the illusion of more space.

Beware, not all white paints are the same. Each one has a different undertone so make sure you test it out in the space you are using on different walls and view it at different times of the day. Then you will be sure to get the color that is right for you.

Happy decorating!


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