I'm back!

Well, I'm back. I wish I could tell you some exciting thing has happened in my life to prevent me from writing this blog. However, I can't. The truth is, I was both uninspired and busy with day to day life. I didn't want to write about anything that I didn't truly feel you would want to read about so, I just waited for inspiration to strike, and it did.

Today my husband and I went to lunch at a new restaurant in our town called the Cinnamon Bistro. If you live in Lake Zurich I suggest you run, not walk, there and grab a table either on the patio or indoors. It specializes in vegetarian dishes that are not only amazing but healthy and fresh. In addition to its great food, it also has great design style.

The restaurant is eclectic in style. The walls are clad in reclaimed wood and wallpaper that looks like it has layers that have peeled away over time from France or Italy. The floors are wood look porcelain tile that has an aged appearance. The chairs are covered in script fabric and the tables are hammered metal that resembles aged copper. Music that reminds you of being in a high end spa plays throughout the space and the paint colors are dark and cozy. The decor is a mix of industrial and rustic. I cannot tell you the last time I sat in a restaurant and felt relaxed and serene. Here is a photo of the restaurant I took from Yelp. I was so busy relaxing and eating I forgot to take some photos myself.

via Yelp

It was after eating a great meal in this gorgeous space that inspiration struck. Inspiration really can strike anywhere. Keep on the lookout. You never know where great ideas can come from.

Be inspired!


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