One Dresser 5 Ways

I love furniture that serves multiple purposes. Take an ottoman for example. It lets you put your feet up after a hard day, can serve as a side or coffee table, and if it has a top, can be used for storage. The beauty of multipurpose furniture is it can be used many ways and in many different spaces.

It is my belief that before you shop for anything new, look around to what you already have and see if it can be used somewhere else in your home. Could a chair in the living room be used in your bedroom or dining room? Could a old dining table be used as a craft table? The list is endless.

The same can be said for a chest of drawers. See how one piece of furniture can be transformed to be used in multiple ways.

1. In an entryway. A dresser is the perfect piece for an entryway. It can store, hats, gloves and mail as well as provide the perfect space to drop your keys.

Entryway dresser

Entryway dresser by dawn-brazier featuring a mercury glass shade

2. In your dining room. Create a serving space for drinks or food as well as a place to store linens and utensils.

Dresser as Buffet

Dresser as Buffet by dawn-brazier featuring a mini cake pedestal

3. As a console table in your living room. Place the dresser against a wall or behind a sofa for a great alternative to a console table. Perfect for storing small toys, games or magazines.

Dresser as Console Table

Dresser as Console Table by dawn-brazier featuring flower pots

4. In an office. Use the dresser as secondary storage for paper, pens and other office supplies.

Dresser as Office Console

Dresser as Office Console by dawn-brazier featuring a file organizer

5.  As a TV console. Bring your television to eye level and have place to store blankets and extra pillows for movie night.

Dresser as TV Console

Dresser as TV Console by dawn-brazier featuring wood wall art

Which one is your favorite?

Happy decorating!


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