Get Guest Ready

Well the holiday season is upon us. Thanksgiving is in a few weeks and the Christmas holidays are not far behind. This year my mother and mother-in-law will be joining us for the holidays. Time to dust off the guest room and get it guest ready.

I always like creating a space for our guests that feels homey and inviting. I want my guests to feel like they have their own space and are relaxed. Not feeling like an intruder. To accomplish this, there are a few things I feel, are necessities for making guests feel at home. Depending on the guest, here are some of my favorites.

1. Bottles of water and a few snacks (to satisfy those late night, early morning cravings).
2. The wi-fi password on a cute notecard.
3. Extra pillows and blankets so they can decide their level of comfort.
4. A good reading lamp to give sufficient light to ready, sew or do the crossword puzzle.
5. A small basket of toiletry essentials such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor or feminine hygiene products (so your guests don't have to ask).

In addition to these five things, it is also important to me that the room look decorated so it does not look like an afterthought. Coordinating, comfortable linens, are just the start. Here are some great guest room ideas I would like to recreate in my home.

Layered linens give your guests options for warmth. Layered window treatments also provide light control options.

via Stone Gable

A few magazines or novels are a nice addition to any guest space. Perfect for night owls or early risers.
I love the desk in this space as it has many uses. A space to park a laptop and catch up on emails or surf the web, or add a mirror to create an instant makeup vanity or a place to  sit and put on shoes.

Welcoming guest bedroom wall colors ideas
via Decorative Bedroom

A simple basket outfitted with water, snacks and an extra pair of sunglasses is a great way to make your guests feel welcome.

10-Ways to "Hotel-ify" Your Guest Bedroom by The Everyday Home / #10Waysto...
via Everyday Home 

I love the cozy feel of this space. The bench at the end of the bed is a great place for guests to set their luggage while unpacking, drop clothes or put on shoes.

via Fox Hollow Cottage

A divided basket and extra toiletries make a welcome addition to any guest space and make your guests feel pampered.

via Living the Anthropologie Way of Life

I better get working on my guest room. The holidays will be here before I know it. Hope I have inspired you to make your guest space extra special.

Happy visiting!


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