5 Easy Bathroom Updates

Spring is almost here! I am giddy with excitement. The bug to start Spring cleaning is itching to get going. Out with the old and in with the new.

Time to start swapping out dark and heavy accessories for light and airy fabrics and softer colors. Spring is also the time to think about sprucing up tired spaces. If renovation is not in your budget, there are many quick and easy options out there to make changes without breaking your budget.

One great place to do that is in the bathroom. With a few simple changes you can make your tired bathroom look new again. Here are five easy updates to take your bathroom from drab to fab.

1. Paint. There is no single thing that can change a room more than paint. Whether painting walls or changing the color of your vanity, paint can do wonders.

2. Add a teak shower floor. Pump up the glamour and refresh your shower with this simple update.

Adding teak to your shower floor instantly upgrades the look and hides the ugly drain. Teak is a waterproof material so it's okay to use in the shower.:
via DIY and Mag

3. Add a eye catching light fixture. Whether is a new light over the vanity or a swanky chandelier, a new light can breathe life into a tired space.

Gray Wisp
via Reu Architects

4. Give your old mirror a facelift by framing it out. Do-it-yourself or buy a kit from a company like Mirror Mate and add an instant dose of style to an ordinary builder grade mirror.

Easily update your bathroom mirror with these gorgeous frames. by marla:
via Indulge

5. Swap out your cabinet hardware. Choose something fun or bold for an instant style update.

via So Haute Style

Spring into Spring!


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