Double Duty Daybeds

For anyone who finds themselves space challenged in their home (I know I do) it always helps if you can make rooms do double duty. Finding furniture that serve more than one function can help you make the most of the space you have. Daybeds are one of those pieces. Not only can it be a bed when you need it, but it can also serve as extra seating or a sofa. Here are some great ways to incorporate a daybed into your space.

As overflow for guests. Turn an office into a guest bedroom by tucking a daybed against the wall. It can serve as extra seating the rest of the time.  This one is backless so it seamlessly blends into the decor.

Office/Guest Room Combo: Tailored daybed. A backless upholstered daybed like this one is a good choice for spaces where the bed must go in front of a window. Piled high with throw pillows, it looks like a sofa during the day but can easily be called into service for guests at night. A glass-top desk takes up little visual space, making it a smart piece for a compact home office.:
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Turn your living room into a space for guests by using a daybed as a sofa. It also is an economical way to get a cozy sofa and is a perfect space to curl up on movie night.

Guest room idea: Daybed couch that doubles as two full-sized twin beds once the pillows are removed. Description from I searched for this on
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Create more seating and get a built-in bench look by using a daybed instead. Cozing up your table to the wall or an as extension of an island is a great way to utilize your space.

coastal cottage in Cornwall - lovingly repinned by
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Give your teen a space to sleep and hang out with their friends by utilizing a daybed rather than a traditional bed. It can be pushed against the wall sideways so as to take up less floor space and can be used a lounge space when friends are around.

design dump: ORC finale: a teen bedroom in peach + mustard:
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Use a daybed in place of a custom window seat in a bay window. Pull up a side table for a great place to have coffee or read a book.

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Have a large master? Think of adding a daybed for a place to unwind at the end of the night or to put on your shoes. No matter how you use one, a daybed is the ultimate in making the most of any space.

Happy decorating!


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