Standing Desks

For anyone who works from home, having a dedicated space that looks great, and functions well, is essential. Sure, you can work from your kitchen island (as I have been known to do) but working at a desk that is roomy and comfortable is not only better for your back, but also your mind.

Work spaces should inspire you to stay focus and on task. In addition, it is equally important that it is comfortable since you are likely to be there for many hours of the day. 

One way to be comfortable at your desk is to have one that allows you to stand and sit. These desks can help alleviate some of the harmful physical affects that sitting all day can create. Not to mention, help keep you from getting restless.

$439.00  -  48" Electric Split Top Desk
via Standup Desk Store

Looking to shake up your work routine? Try one of these desks on for size.

Stand up Desks

Stand up Desks by dawn-brazier on Polyvore

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Work your body as well as your mind with an adjustable height desk. Have kids who are restless? Try one of these for homework time. These are also make great craft tables.

Happy decorating!


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